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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

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My first post on this forum just to thank you for the effort and the clear guide :-)

Also, somebody was asking about how Faerie Fire, Misery and Heroic presence influence the hit cap. There's been a link posted but I'll just put here what little information I can offer here.

Taken from World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> Spell Hit (as of 3.0.3)
Keeping in mind that you can only benefit from the effect of either Misery or Improved Feary Fire I arrive at these numbers:

Heroic Presence:
26.23 x 16 = 419.68 = 420

Misery OR Improved Faerie Fire:
26.23 x 14 = 367.22 = 368

Misery OR Improved Faerie Fire AND Heroic Presence:
26.23 x 13 = 340.99 = 341
(All based on a level 80 character ofcourse).
I second these calculations. However, what about talents that increase hit chance? With current threat generation being so high, you could probably spec both Suppression and Cataclysm and knock off another 3% needed hit rating, bringing the total needed to 262.319 or 263. However, since shatter falls intelligently in the demonology tree (boggle) it's chance to hit will be 3% lower than max. Again, with current threat levels, a missed shatter might not be that big a deal - later on it may very well make the difference between pushing max dps and holding back.
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