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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

ok, I was T6 lock and had the old hit cap met but without my other stats (spelldmg/hsate/crit) suffering. Now im trying to get my head around the new content and figure out what kit i can start to gather i am worried that new items of kit will sacrifice spelldmg for this new high hit level. So Can i ask what might be a nub question?

At level 80, the highest level mob currently present is level 83 (e.g. all Wrath of the Lich King raid bosses), a level 80 caster has an effective spell hit rating cap of 446.
does this mean that to fight raid bosses you need 446 hit (level 83 mobs) but for all other fights such as heroics and raidtrash you only need 157 (level 82 mobs)?

And therefore can you confirm (or deny) that a set of kit with 446 hit is only required for raid boss fights, but that if you wanted to spend the rest of your time in wow running about with only 157 hit and lots of spelldmg/haste that it would be OK in theory?

(at least until raiding/heroics begin to pay off with some nice loot drops that raises my hit AND my spelldmg/haste)

sorry if its a nub qu but im only just looking into the idea of kit replacement... and its scary the idea of giving up my T6s :(

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