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Re: Affliction DoT Ticks and Haste Scaling

Right, sorry to post late on to this thread, but i think i may have something to contribute... Basically i found the following article: How Warlock DoTs Work in Cataclysm Cynwise's Battlefield Manual (where all my number crunching came from, and i'd like to thank the author for such a clear explanation).

But yes... Basically haste can both shorten the length of time between ticks, and add ticks to the spell. The duration of the spell can fluctuate depending on your haste rate.

The number of ticks in a dot = Duration of DoT (Before Haste) / Tick speed (After Haste)
Where tick speed after haste = Tick time (Before Haste) / (1 + Haste percentage)

EG. Corruption tick speed at 10% Haste = 18 / (3/(1.1)) = 6.6 Ticks

All the numbers calculated like this are rounded to the nearest integer (6.6 rounded up to 7; 6.4 rounded down to 6).


According to this you gain an extra tick in Corruption, UA and BoA at the following Haste %'s:

Corruption: 9%, 25%, 42%, 59%, 75% and 92%

Unstable Affliction: 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%

Bane of Agony: 5%, 13%, 21%, 30%, 38%, 46%, 55%, 63%, 71%, 80%, 88%, 96%.

Riiiiiiiight, so everyone of those %'s of haste, your DoT's gain a new tick, but, as well as this, as discussed before, the duration of the dots is changing...

It turns out, that the duration of the dots drops up to the point you reach a % where you gain another tick, at this point, the duration of the spell increases, and this zig-zags up and down in a saw-tooth style fashion.

But, the number of ticks per second does increase linearly between 0% and 100% (eg. you start with 1/3 of a tick per second at 0% and end with 2/3 of a tick per second at 100%, with equal gain in each % gain on the way).

But... the damage per cast time (DPCT) greatly increases as the number of ticks increases. For example casting corruption with 0% haste leads to 6 ticks in 18 seconds, at the cost of one global cooldown or (6 ticks/GCD). Where at 9% haste you get (7 ticks/GCD) a 14.3% increase in DPCT.

Hooooopefully this is useful to someone, check out the article i referenced too, it's got some good charts that are definitely worth looking at.
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