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4.0 Re: newly specced as affliction warlock

IF you haven't hardcore used dot timer before, and run affliction now, my guess is, You'd struggle through set up of ForteXorcist - Addons - Curse and have best ever. ;) There are various setup guide on youtube to help. You have to setup just one target block which you can easily copy and reuse, this way I set up main target in some 45 min + focus + 'anything else' in 2 mins more time. ;) At least give forte a try! Just to give you an idea of what forte can do for you;
My setup makes me watch dots + remaining S&F debuff on any of 3 targets , that's all I need. Well, ... power up buffs + debuffs on me are also shown in just another copy of 'main target', took me another 60 secs to adjust and position. ;)
And yes, you can setup FX to red alarm when remaining uptime passes some critical threshold, separately for any target.
There's no such thing as a free lunch, meaning FX does NOT come ready out of the box, but there's no better return for time invested. I mean INGAME! ;)
I'm afraid, Power Auras was not made for this, dots may have changing run time due to changes of haste (the extra tick effect), can't think of any resonable way to make PA scope with.
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