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10N Warmaster Blackhorn - Spec/Tips?

TLDR; Affliction or Demonology?

I would post a log but lastnight was largely one of those first night test run/progression nights, where things were changed literally every pull as to how we wanted to break up our DPS etc.

I've been Affliction all of pre-Firelands. Come FL I got used to Demo for fights like Ragnaros, etc, and I've become great at it. I was great at affliction too though.

Warmaster Blackhorn seems like the perfect fight for affliction then at first look; dot ALL the things!!!!1!! I can pull 33k standing at Ultraxion with demo, and probably damn near 30k as affliction on that fight, but on Blackhorn my #'s are around 17k ish......... is that horrendous, given the target swapping etc??? Are there any *damage* (not dps) requirements the dps should be looking for?

I am embarrassed to say we cannot get to phase 2.

*Should we have 2-Heals or 3?

When we have our resto shaman go ele, we keep the adds far better controlled, but if ONE thing goes wrong (one person taking a small purple circle with no ward up and not topped off... a tank letting a mob cleave someone...etc) then heals are essentially screwed and constantly playing catch up.

*Does anyone have any solid tips for a DPS pattern on adds? Is it true that downing 4 drakes starts p2? (We've gotten 3 down at the most).

*Do you have a set zone plan for people to mingle in for smaller circle intake?

Sappers aren't our problem, it's keeping up with all the adds. We do great until a sapper takes away our focus for a minute then it's catchup time.

For ranged we have a fire mage, 2 hunters, and myself.... afflic or demo. thus far I've just been helping on everything I can... while the other ranged are assigned more specifically.

Thanks for any/all input!!!

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