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For a little background, I leveled (quite painfully) to 70 on a PvP server, and grew a serious distaste for the stuff. Since my transfer Gnomeregan, I've really been able to shine -- if an evil, maniacal, shadow-obsessed demon-summoner can really "shine".

I enjoy working up my own custom UI, and I build macros to make my game easier. I try to keep abreast of the UI, Addons and Macros subforum. If you have any related questions, I should see them there.
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Rebuilding the UI and 3.3 "bugs"

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Posted December 14, 2009 at 12:41 AM by Cormanthor

I've been quite excited about 3.3 since shortly after it's announcement. Several things added to the default UI have helped me axe a few heavy addons. In this spirit, I was looking to move CormanthorUI to a more "fit-n-trim" setup without changing the appearance too much.

Round 1
I tried the latest OpenRDX in an attempt to drop 80% of my addons in favor of one big one. Nothing could be automated the way I wanted without basically coding my own addons. As I built in more features of my UI, the overall package kept getting heavier. After a few more Advil, I dropped that idea.

Round 2
I looked into changing a few more addons and dropping the less useful ones in an effort to trim down the system resources a bit and still be more traditional. I downloaded the latest Macaroon to get more power out of my action bars, and slimmed down the minimap with pMinimap. Turns out I had to edit the code for pMinimap to fit it correctly into my UI. And Macaroon still can't handle [mod:<anything>] on the same bar as the possess bar (my default setup).

Round 3
At this point, I'm back to Chinchilla (the only minimap able to move the new objectives frame in 3.3) and Dominos. But I've added a new toy that I'm growing quite fond of: BindPad. I can bind spells (or professions) directly from the spellbook, as well as create extra macros that are bound directly within BindPad.

Biggest changes are that I've dropped Cartographer completely, and traded Omen & Recount for Skada. I'm not 100% satisfied with Skada, but it does enough of what I want. And Baggins has been replaced with ArkInventory. This consolidates my entire UI to WoWInterface downloads.

I am at this point revisiting the colors and art packed with my UI, and adding some sounds in for various events. It looks like I'll be releasing the update early this week.

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