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Crackling Powder

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Posted March 20, 2009 at 11:53 AM by Solarcain
Updated March 20, 2009 at 11:57 AM by Solarcain

QUIET! I said to myself. I had now been inside this cave of furbolgs for what seemed like days. I am not accustomed to doing favors for others but a man back inside the town of Lakeshire told me he would pay me handsomely for a few copper rivets and bolts. Being as I was short on cash and needed potions and scrolls to further my research I accepted.

I was now hold up in a small room inside there den. It appeared to be a storage room and rivets and bolts lay a plenty not to mention several other tools. This of course ment nothing If I were unable to escape this hellish hole. I could hear the snarls and crackled laughter coming from the other side of the door!

Reaching into my bag I rubbed on what was my last soul gem. It would take time to summon any of my daemons; Time I wouldn't have. Quickly I reached into my bag of engineering nick knacks. Pulling out a stick of heavy dynamite I was sure Id never use. I popped the top off and poured the powder around the doorway. Retreating a short ways behind a box I studied my plan carefully inside my head. Everything must be perfect if this was going to work.

I let out what I was sure was a loud yell though in reality I was so scared it must have been little more than a peep. However this was enough to send the furbolgs to investigate. I waited. the door opened and a thin beam of light shown through like a knife attacking the darkness that consumed the room. Leaping up from behind my box I shot a missile from my wand igniting the powder with a brilliant flash of light. This did very little damage to the furbolgs and only singed a few of there hairs though it stunned them. This is exactly what i planned for.

Throwing my last soul shard into the air I yelled out "Thognuz! I need your protection! Accept this soul shard and come to my aid."

A short battle ensued thereafter. From the time thognuz appeared to the time he left he did nothing more than destroy all he saw. Together we made a perfect team.

A few hours later I pulled myself out of the cave clenching two handfulls of rivets and bolts in my mud covered hands. Laying there panting I looked up at the blue sky. Had I been alone in there without my daemons I would have died. Maby being a warlock isn't so bad after all

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