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Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)
Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)
Published by Nyarlathotep
July 12, 2007
Last Updated
Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

About This Post:

I started testing felguard raiding first time June 2007 and started gathering screenshots and materials about this way of raiding that almost everyone considered to be for PvP and at least general opinion was like that. I did this a) cause it's fun b) just to prove that even if the build has few flaws, it can be played successfully in high end raiding and I hope people would think out of the box and test different things and builds instead of assuming that general opinion is always right.

Some stuff like conclusions chapter might be in weird position, but that's due to 10k letter limit per post on some forums, sorry for that (also some forums limit use of [.IMG] to 10 pictures, so I limit pictures according to that as well. If you use information from this post please link it, so more people have chance to learn from my experience.

Sadly our guild ran to some problems recently, which means there will be no updates at least for some time to hyjal / BT bosses. I will post about new bosses once I have access to those encounters. We're currently starting raiding again, but have to take step back. But happy news is I guess that I get to cover all the SSC bosses for people currently progressing there.

This post started as private post on our forums at, but then I posted it to elitistjerks forums. I also posted it to warlocks den and wow-europe forums after getting a lot of positive feedback about this in EJ.

I been raiding with felguard for a long while now and I think I can try to shed some light into this way of raiding that has been considered to be a PvP only talent spec by many.

If you want to compare damage to your possible build, use same addon (recount) to count damage and look dps number, not total damage done. Our guild is recently merged and there's two level of gears, so if you want to compare some people in our guild, look armory profile first. Also remember that group setup and raid setup affects very much, like who gets bloodlusts and so on. Or better yet, see WWS links.

This is an attempt to write mark II version of the same post with a lot more experience about raiding and include some future changes that will affect raiding with this talent build. I will also provide few WWS (once we start raiding). I will include the information from original posts in these four posts I will now write. I will also save original posts as well somewhere in case someone requests them.

This post is about how felguard raiding works, so some bosses I will go through briefly, if there is nothing special to that boss. For harder bosses I try to give some tips and name cases where felguards life is at risk.

Build that I'm using to raid is following: 6-44-11

First post will go through The Eye encounters, I will include all I have done with felguard.

All these bosses and screenshots I was doing Curse of Recklessness on targets that had melee users on them, if no melee users were on the target I did Curse of Agony or Curse of Doom.

Reached nice spelldamage spike (without destruction potion) 1937 shadow damage.

for future reference:

Talisman, voidstar = Void Star Talisman (which I sadly don't have for the record)

I had shadow priest in all The Eye bosses that I wrote about here.

Requested WWS:We use free WWS account, so this list will change accordingly.

The Eye:


At first Al'Ar seemed to be very hard fight to maintain decent dps. It was the first boss I tested felguard raiding, so to the belly of the beast right away. First time I was at Al'Ar I had big problems with Recount (errors) that distracted me so first kill isn't really the whole truth.

It is not so melee friendly fight because of exploding Embers. In phase 1 what now I basically do is CoR at first tank spot when melee still is hitting the boss. After melee goes for Ember of Al'Ar, I change curse to CoD on Al'Ar. Also request your phoenix tanks to be marked as maintanks. I choose Ember of Al'Ar from maintank list and charge my pet at that target. Our tanks call "melee get out" that's when I put my felguard at follow and after some time hold ground so it has less time to run to next Ember.

I do the same thing each Ember, which combined to monitoring dots, looking stopcastingbar and drooling after dps meter sometimes leads mr. Fel being dead. So I guess combined with moving, and other parts of the fight pet control is somewhat demanding to do it in optimal way.

First time I was on Al'Ar my felguard died 6 times, but like stated earlier it was partly due to UI problems as well. I been there more times now and felguard almost never dies. Sometimes if I'm careless I manage to kill felguard when we are taking down adds in phase 2.

Pet always died cause of fire damage, so talisman could be uselful, but with careful play you might as well use your best dps trinket. I done it so far, so can everyone else.

First kill:

Best so far:

Void Reaver:

From this fight I get a lot of questions about. Felguard can stay in during poundings if you have shadow priest to heal it. Sometimes arcane bombs hit melee, that's bit too much for felguard if it keeps happening for a long time.

Overall this fight is very simple, send the pet in and dps all you can. Classic tank and spank fight. Sometimes you get unlucky with arcane orbs sometimes you get lucky. Dps in this fight varies a lot so it's not best fight to compare as caster.

First time I had some troubles cause I was bit too worried about felguards health. I payed too much attention to that and kept eating arcane bombs. Keep your resummon pet macro ready here to save your pets buffs in case pet starts taking arcane orbs AND pounding at the same time, that is too much for SP / pet to handle.

Talisman helps to make sure pet stays alive here as well.

First kill:

Best so far:

High Astromancer Solarian:

This fight is pretty much ideal for felguard build and no other warlock build should be able to top damage in this fight. Boss and adds are low armor and you can use cleave efficiently here during AoE phase. We use arcane resistance here to some extent that will give your pet more survivability. Pets can be targeted by wrath of the astromancer ability, so you have to be quick moving with your pet and use pet control well when moving the dot where your guild moves them. You can also use your charge efficiently here to stun priests and stop them from healing.

I guess different guilds use different tactics here, so I won't go much into that.

This is one of the fights where it's really nice to be felguard warlock.

First kill:

Random screenshot:

Kael'Thas Sunstrider:

When I went to Kael'Thas first time I was sure it will be a nightmare for my pet, but frankly with right kind of pet control it actually is very nice fight to do.

There are some things you need to watch out though:

Flamestrike, Phoenix (hellfire and final explosion), Capernian AoE, Devastations whirlwind, Netherstrand volley, Telonicus grenades, Thaladred and nether beam he casts in phase 5. But most of these things are taken care by raids other members.

When you flow (gravity lapse), put pet on follow (will be below you). Both you and pet will link, so you have to think yourself as "a tower" and keep like 20y distance between you and pet and same for everyone near you and the pet. Keeping pet on boss isn't smart, tried and died (my pet that is).

By phases:

phase 1
Thaladred, keep pet on follow.
Sanguinar, put pet on attack.
Capernian, put pet on hold hiding somewhere.
Telonicus, put on attack.

phase 2
put attacking weapon which is primary dps target for you, beware devastation.

phase 3
put attacking sanguinar -> telonicus assuming that's your kill order (of those two).

Phase 4
keep attacking all times if you break his shields, if you don't call back during shields. Beware phoenixes and flame strikes.

phase 5
Keep on attack all most times, take it off during shield. Keep on follow during gravity lapse.

First kill:

Random shot:

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Character Info
70 Undead Warlock
Emeriss Euro PvP
Guild: Method
Profile: Blizzard Armory
Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

Serpentshrine Cavern:

All these bosses and screenshots I was doing Curse of Recklessness on targets that had melee users on them, if no melee users were on the target I did Curse of Agony or Curse of Doom.

Hydross the Unstable:

This is very easy fight to do with felguard. You set your pet on Hydross once the tank has one hit on him and never move felguard off him, not even poison/water changes. I never had problem there leaving pet on attack. You will most likely tank adds near the boss so cleaving attacks work well here.

I don't think pet gets hit by watery tomb, not sure Vile Sludge can hit the pet either.

First Kill:

Thooghun got on meters as well!

Lurker from Below:

Pet is no longer affected by Lurkers spout ability (after patch 2.1.3), which makes this fight a lot easier. Only problem with the pet / control is that you have to always leave it on stay near Lurker's pool. If you put it on follow and are on platform pet might get stuck there and can't find path to go pummel lurker again. Whirl damage is healed by shadow priest.

Some pet control and fight should be easy job.

Few screenshots:

Leotheras the Blind:

Tanking duty, no jobs for Thooghun the Idiot there. Can only guess that it would work just fine since you only have to beware whirlwinds and it shouldn't be that hard.

<< No screenshot sorry been always tanking >>

Fathom-Lord Karathress:

Fathom-Guard Sharkkis: No problems with felguard. You can leave felguard on cleave at Sharkkis.
Fathom-Guard Tidalvess: Spitfire don't hit felguard. You can leave felguard on cleave at Tidalvess.
Fathom-Guard Caribdis: Waterbolt Volley might hit pet, frankly I'm not sure and will correct this once someone confirms this. I left pet in anyways, if it got hit, then shadow priest took care of the rest.
Fathom-Lord Karathress: You can leave felguard on cleave at Karathress.

Few screenshots from two last days of SSC clear, (big difference in DPS: I had good dps group in another screenshot, plus I probably tried harder as well):

Morogrim Tidewalker:

This fight is very simple as well, after the pull you can sign your felguard on the boss. I never got my felguard to disappear when I was in watery grave, so range works for our tanking spot at least. I also had cleave on all the time and never got aggro from murlocs. So there's no need to control felguard after you set it on the boss. Will check how earthquake affects pet here as soon as possible.

I reached rediculous 2039 dps according to WWS here (died at 25% though on due to paladin tank dieing, but anyways was over several minutes)

Few screenshots:

Lady Vashj:

Phase 1 is very straight forward, even if pet was rooted near person doing static charge, pet didn't suffer that much.

Phase 2 I kept my pet on Nagas, but they do cleave very nasty, so had to do quite a lot of moving around and making pet follow to place it perfect.

Phases 3 is very similar to phase 1, we had very few poison pools there and pet didn't have much troubles there.

Shadow priest will do healing required here.

Few screenshots from last two clears:

  • So far I been playing, it's hardest build to play, since some fights require very precise pet control to pull it through, but also very rewarding for me for the same reason. I feel affliction and destruction bit boring because they are so easy to master.
  • On fights that are not melee friendly, demonology loses to other builds. In melee friendly fights, this build rocks.
  • Dependant on Shadow Priest, but so are many other builds in longer fights. When 2.2 patch comes, new tier-5 set bonus will surely help a lot and you don't always have to beg for shadow priest, but both combined, might make some of those nasty AoE fights possible to do.
  • Remember keep cleave off when you have polymorphed targets, broke some polys when training for first time, a lot less now.
  • Keep pet on passive, always.
  • Damage overall is similar as other builds, ranging from bit lower on anti-melee fights and doing better on fights where pet don't get one shotted.
  • On trash damage was devastating (I guess cause Thooghun the idiot don't miss and glance that much).
  • Pet damage was around 250-300 dps on bosses that favored this build. My lack of shadow and flame / ruin was easily compensated by passive damage I get from my int / sta and my pets int / sta through Demonic Knowledge.
  • Each time my pet died, it was because of elemental damage. So have to hope that void star talisman will drop one day, since it's crucial for this build. Some fights like naj'entus are impossible without that.
  • Pet has around 8,2k hp and same about in armor, it can take 9,64k hit. Pet takes 15% less damage with Demonic Resilience, which means damage on pet gets migitated by 15% (and armor as well if it's physical damage). So formula to count single hit pet can take: pet hp / 0,85 (for physical count armor as well).
  • You need more high stamina items (trash ring from BT, tier parts) to get my pet more stamina (and stats give me more damage as well) for my pet to be able to take up to 10k AoE attack, if I wish to keep playing with this. Passive 15% reduction to damage helps a lot and allows shadow priest to heal more.
  • If pet didn't get one shotted, shadow priests healed it up very fast with VE.
  • Some specialties like being able to stun when necessary is nice bonus and pet can be targeted by some nasty abilities that could kill a raid member, but on the other hand I have to be ready to dismiss pet sometimes, like Solarians Wrath.
  • From first kills there's was long way to improve, like you can see from other screenshots.
  • Three things: Stamina gear, Shadow Priest and Void star talisman (tier-5 will be added here next patch).

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Recommended Guide

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Character Info
70 Undead Warlock
Emeriss Euro PvP
Guild: Method
Profile: Blizzard Armory
Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

Hyjal Summit:

All these bosses and screenshots I was doing Curse of Recklessness on targets that had melee users on them, if no melee users were on the target I did Curse of Agony or Curse of Doom.


Trash waves damage was good, better than other warlocks by far I guess cause Seed of Corruption gets more damage from high base damage.

Auto cleave:
  • Pet gaining agro if you use it very early and die, good example is packs with lots of ghouls
  • Chance of breaking shackled abomination / polymorphed necromancer.

Generally I clicked auto cleave on when there was no mobs nearby in start (way we kill necromancers for example). After we were given good to go on AoE, when tanks had enough threat on all targets, you can leave cleave on till next pack comes. Doing it earlier is dancing on the edge especially if you happen to cleave shackled abomination.

Picture of Kaz'Rogal trash, mobs here seem to take closer to normal Seed of Corruption damage, also includes tanking frost wyrm with CoD during that time, other time I was on CoR on melee mobs / Curse of Agony on gargoyles.

Rage Winterchill:

First time we killed Rage Winterchill, I didn't have shadow priest and it affected my performance a lot. First kill I was also very uncomfortable using re-summon macro, which ended up felguard dieing few times. This sucks especially on part where your pet loses all raid buffs.

Dodging Death and Decay is not that hard. You just have to see where the line ends, additionally since rage don't seem to target pets with his ice prison, you can send your pet in and take few last ticks of death and decay. I had sometimes troubles with getting felguard back from death and decay, but now with shadow priest it feels so much easier. If you can make distinction where death and decay ends and starts, naturally put pet on follow and park him after the line to be able to resume dps as soon as possible.

Later when we went there I could sustain higher dps with shadowpriest, around 1400-1450 or so, but had nothing to say to our top rogue, who was closer to 1600. But then again we give more bloodlusts for melee than casters, which affects a lot.

One of those fights where Void star would help, but is not necassery.

First kill with felguard:

Better results:


Anetheron was really easy fight to play as demonology. On first kill though I managed to die. I'll posted shot on the moment when I died. I know it's bit cheesy to post a screenshot just when I died, since staying alive is part of the fight, but since I'm writing about raiding with felguard, I think it's still relevant to see what the build is capable of if the owner plays better. Infernals were not any danger to felguard cause our tanks tanked them away from the raid.

Also this fight I had shadow priest so I didn't have to pay any attention to my pet, could just focus pressing stopcasting macros

Pet won't pull infernals with cleave, if your tanks know what they are doing.

Recount during my death:

Better results:


Pet don't get affected by mark of Kaz'Rogal. I had Medallion of Karabor on there to resist some mana drains.

Damage there was very nice, fight was very straight forward, just send demon behind the boss and after you don't need to pay attention to it. Towards the ends this fight favors melee by a lot though (vs mana users). Kaz'Rogal does cleaves, so keep pet behind the boss.

First kill with felguard:

Random shot:


This fight is one of the fights that I would say are extremely hard without void star talisman and even with that would be really hard. This fights nature is really I guess unfriendly to everyone. Rain of fires hurt a lot and one fire almost kills the pet. This leads you re-summoning pet in fear of losing buffs, which leads less time to dps and you also get those lovely silences to interrupt your casting when you're about to re-summon pet. Frankly as demonology I hate this fight. I managed to do highest damage from warlocks last time we were there, but I have to say, this fight is very very hard for demonologist warlock.

That's why I usually here offer myself for imp duty to minimize casualties for the raid, since just feels playing here without void star feels like holding back the raid.

Also there's possibility of pet being target of AoE effect and getting rain of fire on tanks / melee / Thrall (if you use thrall on boss). I don't know if rain of fire or any other sort of AoE effects like that can target pets, and would appreciate if some one could enlighten me, especially cases like: Winterchills Death and Decay and Azgalors Rain of Fire.

Definitely needs void star and shadow priest. Azgalor also cleaves so keep the pet behind the boss.

One bonus of having felguard there is it will keep damaging during silences, but so will affliction

Trying with felguard (I know pretty sad numbers):


Old (slow) Doomfires were very nasty from pet point of view. I tried felguard there, but I would say this fight again needs void star and sp minumum to make it work. Haven't tried with new one, but I guess they are a lot harder, making this another fight very hard / impossible for felguard owners.

One of those fights you can ask if anyone needs an imp and still do ok, but you could also be doing lot better with 41-0-20 (or similar) or 0-40-21 builds in those fights.

Now some experiences from Archimonde with felguard:

First of all before each doomfire it's safe to move pet bit closer to yourself and set it on stay.

Pet disappears when you leave it on Archimonde and get flown away by airburst. If this happens you should use dismiss macro to retrain buffs on pet or set pet on follow when you get blown away, might work.

Pet can be targeted by Grip of the Legion and rarely gets decursed, also grip of the legion seems to stick over dismiss macro, which is a major issue. Unless you will agree with some mage / druid to take care of pet decursing, will be an major issue.

If this would be major problem for first 90% of the fight, you could use imp until then and during 10% instantly summon felguard (before shield is given) and use it to do higher damage on 10% -> 0% burnphase, but since last 10% is sure kill, it's really first 90% that matters.

But question raises if pet gets Shield of Elune, if not it's surely dead when hit by finger of death.

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Character Info
70 Undead Warlock
Emeriss Euro PvP
Guild: Method
Profile: Blizzard Armory
Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

The Black Temple:

All these bosses and screenshots I was doing Curse of Recklessness on targets that had melee users on them, if no melee users were on the target I did Curse of Agony or Curse of Doom.

High Warlord Naj'entus:

I was playing here with an imp to give raid as high stamina as possible for obvious reasons. I tried soul linking an imp, which wasn't that smart. Shield explosion hit so hard imp died fairy fast.

Not even SP + tier-5 2/4 bonus kept imp up. I resummoned imp three times. I was still highest warlock in damage, mainly I guess because other warlocks had to keep imp up as well (as destruction isn't the best for dps).

This fight, by far, seems hardest fight for demonology build. It surely needs good SP who will constantly heal with VE, void star and possibly (downgrading) to tier-5 2/4 bonus to be done with felguard. Plus very high amount of stamina as well. Even with 2.2 patch tier-5 set bonus and if you could keep felguard up here, I think warlocks should use imp for blood pact here, since bigger HP members have, more time healers have to react and less unlucky deaths you get.

No screenshot, melee was dominating in damage. Best build for this boss would be affliction surely.

Screeshot with IMP, just to show how build works, haven't dared to test felguard yet:


Fight was much easier with felguard what I first expected. Volcanos do nasty damage, but other than that, it's pretty easy to keep felguard up here as long as you keep it on relatively tight leash. I left my felguard on Supremus when he's loose, which lead to my pet dieing. I think when Supremus changes targets, he might briefly attack closest attacker highest in threat (aka pets/melee and only my pet was there).

I got one bloodlust in this fight, which gives a major damage boost for felguard warlock.

Good fight for Demonology warlock, not so boring as you need to do some pet control.

First kill with felguard:

Shade of Akama:

Another easy fight. I was on duty to kill spawning adds on left side, so it's bit hard to compare here. Pet can intercept which is nice thing for this fight. At some point our raid leader told me to go nuke channelers, so can't really say this is fair comparison to some people with different roles.

Very high base damage + Seed of Corruption works like dream here if you have loads of channelers up and felguard cleaves channelers for very high damage.

In my opinion this fight is very good fight for demonology warlock, no matter what ever task you're assigned on. However depending on your role in this fight it is very hard to compared damage to another guilds WWS / screenshots. I'm sure I would reach ridiculous numbers if I was left on channelers for whole duration as an example and got bloodlusts.

Killing channelers most of the time:

Teron Gorefiend:

I previously had many try screenshots, cause I never took screenshot of a kill with felguard, so I post one typical damage spread screenshot here.

Fight itself is very straight forward and you can send your pet attacking Teron right from start. Pet does enormous damage on Teron, critting up to 1,3k. But again this isn't best fight to compared damage, since some people get to be ghosts etc. That's why I posted four screenshots from tries where we did fairly well, except of course missing the actual kill.

Also melee groups got all bloodlusts here, which needs to be taken into account when evaluating damage.

Best build you can have by far for this fight.

Teron try:

Gurtogg Bloodboil:

Felguard managed to keep alive with VE very well here, but it was low hp from time to time. If you get fel rage, then it's bye bye felguard and might as well click re-summon macro right that moment to dispel pet and after fel rage, re-summon it.

Gurtogg cleaves, so leave your pet behind the boss on attack and make sure when boss moves, you don't leave it front of the boss. Other than these, I don't think there's anything special to this boss.

Only have screenshots as affliction when killed, so posting those will serve no purpose. Next time we go there (will be a while) I will go as demonologist if possible.

Reliquary of Souls:

Essence of Despair: Demonology works great here, since you have 20% damage absorbtion, which makes you a viable tank for phase 1. Also warlocks greatest strength is Life Tap, that is very unusable in first phase. Felguard will keep dpssing the boss as long as it's alive for free.

Essence of Desire: As far as we got it worked great, but I can't say we did got too far. We were only learning the boss and lot of things might be different when I would get to kill it one day.

Best try with felguard:


Also I lack void star talisman which makes some bosses unplayable with felguard, but then again some bosses like naj'entus I always have to keep imp for raid most likely.

Here's summary of demonology raiding per boss (some being estimates):

Serpenshrine Cavern:
  • Hydross the Unstable, demonology works great.
  • Lurker from Below, demonology works great.
  • Tidewalker, demonology, demonology works great.
  • Karathress, demonology, demonology works great.
  • Leotheras, demonology would be great build. Needs precision with whirlwind though.
  • Lady Vashj, demonology would be great build here.
The Eye:
  • Al'Ar, demonology works great, hard to play very well though.
  • Void Reaver, demonology works great.
  • High Astromancer Solarian, demonology works great.
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider, demonology works great.
Moun Hyjal:
  • Rage Winterchill, demonology works great.
  • Anetheron, demonology works great.
  • Kaz'Rogal, demonology works great.
  • Azgalor, demonology damage compares to other warlock build damage, needs good pet control (void star talisman is must for this fight).
  • Archimonde, demonology damage compares to other warlock build damage, this fight I would classify as very hard, but doable with SP (void star talisman is must for this fight).
Black Temple:
  • High Warlord Naj'entus, demonology is totally unplayable here from my experience.
  • Supremus, demonology works great.
  • Shade of Akama, demonology works great.
  • Teron Gorefiend, demonology works great.
  • Gurtogg Bloodboil, demology works ok.
  • Reliquary of Souls, demonology works great as far as we went.

On average it seems demonology damage is higher than other warlock build damage. There's some fights where you can offer being imp warlock and still have decent damage with buffed imp. Void Star Talisman your pet to stay alive in all elemental fights that you have problems. Shadow Priest is must to keep pet up. For resistance fights, pet gains portion of your resistances, so those are totally doable with high resistances.

At the time of testing, Thooghun the idiot had 8320 HP fully raid buffed, which seemed to be enough for most cases, wouldn't mind some tier 6 parts though. Pet does very high damage and peaks up to 3-3,5k AP when all +damage stuff procs.

I have changed my raiding build to be felguard build for good as long as it is as good as other warlock raiding builds.

I hope you liked reading this. Feel free to give feedback or requests.

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Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

I wish people would post stuff like this here more often. Stickying it here for now, perhaps we can move it to the Library once it's all complete. (ie no more saga)
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Character Info
70 Undead Warlock
Emeriss Euro PvP
Guild: Method
Profile: Blizzard Armory
Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

Originally Posted by Akasha View Post
I wish people would post stuff like this here more often. Stickying it here for now, perhaps we can move it to the Library once it's all complete. (ie no more saga)

Problem with completing the saga is the fact, we're currently stuck on Reliquary of Souls, where I can at least say that demonology seems to be the king build at least for Essence of Despair and Essence of Desire due to nature of the fight (no heals for anyone in phase 1 and feedback in phase 2 from damage you do).

I will have three forums where I try to keep this post updated, so once we go kill rest of the SSC bosses (we stopped SSC till Illidan lies dead) and I get the chance to try my build on Azgalor and Archimonde better (kill them with felguard on whole fight) or when we kill new bosses in black temple, I will update these threads I initially posted here (SSC/TK, Hyjal, BT) and will bump the thread for updates.

Thank you, more info coming (i hope soon).
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Character Info
70 Undead Warlock
Emeriss Euro PvP
Guild: Method
Profile: Blizzard Armory
Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

2.2. Patchnotes and some researching:

# Corruptor Raiment Set: The pet healing bonus from this set is now triggered from damage dealt instead of damage received, at a lower percentage. Damage over time spells will trigger it correctly.
# Corruptor Raiment: The heal from this set bonus can no longer be a critical heal.
Pet recieves 15% of your dps as healing, according to rumors.

So all felguard locks will be carrying 2x pieces of tier 5 with them for all heavy AoE fights, it's basically extra shadow priest, which gives hope for even fights like Naj'entus. Excellent improvement by Blizzard I must say. Sad part is that tier 6 set seems unchanged, but on the other hand it's not THAT many fights where you need to grab your t5 gloves + one other part on to save pet, I would say Azgalor, Archimonde, perhaps Winterchill, Bloodboil and Reliquary of Souls.


From hunter forums:

People are claiming Lurkers spout doesn't hit pets anymore, I can't confirm this though. Link here.

So one boss from undoable-->easily manageable.

I guess blizzard is listening after all. Now next step: Make void star talisman rep trinket and make talent tree based sets for warlocks as well (maybe we'll see this in next expansion).
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Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

I can understand you want to play with felguard if you are demonologist, but I'm sure your not in the MT group ?

We use bloodpact just to provide more health or our group. Using felguard don't benefit the party nor does demon sacrifise.

Ofcourse you will do better damage if you are specced like that, but I think you can only do it when you master the instance, because when you are learning you need all the buffs you can get
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Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

Originally Posted by Duckie View Post
I can understand you want to play with felguard if you are demonologist, but I'm sure your not in the MT group ?

We use bloodpact just to provide more health or our group. Using felguard don't benefit the party nor does demon sacrifise.

Ofcourse you will do better damage if you are specced like that, but I think you can only do it when you master the instance, because when you are learning you need all the buffs you can get
We do have affliction warlock usually in the raid who gives improved imp for main tank. If not that, then some one of us volunteers when it's needed (Archimonde, Bloodboil, few other bosses atm).

Also tanks are always much better geared compared to any other raid members due to tank priority see our main tanks Torchaf the Feral and Furud the Warrior are good examples and combined with good healers tanks usually get killed only with fear/silence/stun + burst where imps extra stamina rarely makes the difference

Also we raid with 3-4 warlocks pretty often so we almost always have affliction warlock in the raid, but we do take turns if no affliction warlock is present (I volunteer to be imp dude for archimonde and azgalor with this build / items).

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Re: Raiding With Felguard (SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT)

41/0/20 DOES deal more damage from a good warlock than any Demonology build in a raid. Those ARE straight facts. If they're not straight facts in your guild, you have a bad affliction warlock to begin with. Heavy Destruction build warlocks could only deal more damage than an you AFF warlock if they have around 25% chance to crit, close to 14-16% spell hit rating and good damage. A.K.A. at least tier 5 among other epics such as Vestments of the Sea Witch, for example. Those ARE straight facts.

Please stop saying Demonology works great for most of those fights when you have other available builds that deal more damage. You do not tell me Demonology works great on Void Reaver when you have to run towards the left/right/back or front from his projectiles and see an Affliction warlock set up 5 dots on him with nightfall included. You do not tell me Demonology would be great for Lady Vashj when an Affliction warlock can have all of his dots on the Strider and Elites at the same time while DPSing down the strider, dealing more overall damage than a Demonology warlock in that phase alone. You do not tell me Demonology would be a great build when that Affliction warlock can have his 5 DoTs up during Watery Grave while a Demo one could have 3, assuming both do Agony. "On average it seems demonology damage is higher than other warlock build damage." Nice right there!

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