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Old December 04, 2008, 01:53 PM   #31 (permalink)

Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

Hmm Hargan you assume Danjal will be running the same gear in 'the rest of his/her time'; I think what he is asking is, will his T6 gear still be effective in the rest of the world even though it is not at hit cap for the 83 Raid Boss encounter, so can it be used there and he have a different set for Raids?

The answer is you freakin bet it will be effective! lol You are correct Danjal, 157 will get you 100% on anything less than that L83 mob, so running around killing trash with 368 hit rate is a waste of about 200 +damage or + Haste, or +crit for that matter, assuming you can choose your gear that way. On the other hand, I don't much care whether my bonus to spell power is 1400 or 1600 when killing trash, so I run around in my Raid gear; but it is a waste, technically speaking. Besides, who has the extra bag space in their bank?

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Old December 04, 2008, 03:06 PM   #32 (permalink)

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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

Originally Posted by FelGuardian View Post
On the other hand, I don't much care whether my bonus to spell power is 1400 or 1600 when killing trash, so I run around in my Raid gear; but it is a waste, technically speaking. Besides, who has the extra bag space in their bank?

And the chances you'll forget to swap gear before that boss fight (yes, I'm repetitive today. ). But! On the other other hand (the third?), it is pretty fun to min max a little bit more, and have some more prep to do before a boss. It's a good addition to the ritual.

Plus, for those times when you aren't in an instance, that 350+ hit rating isn't helping you either. And when you aren't in a group, you'll notice the extra spellpower and/or crit. And/or spirit, even.
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Old December 06, 2008, 03:03 PM   #33 (permalink)

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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

I dug through the list of enchants by slot:

+Hit Rating Enchants
+20 (Gloves) Precision
+12 (Boots) Icewalker
+25 (Weapon) Accuracy
+14 (Head) Arcanum of Power [Sha'tar Revered, 100g]
+16 (Waist) Eternal Belt Buckle with +16 Rigit Autumn's Glow gem

Which means that at most, you can get +87 Hit from enchants. So if you're starved for +Hit in other slots, you can use that list to boost up your +Hit a bit. Some folks might only be able to get +73 Hit from enchants.

There's also a +40 hit food that can be consumed for an extra boost.

Counting the belt buckle slot as an "enchant" is borderline, of course. But every little bit counts.
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Old December 08, 2008, 07:54 AM   #34 (permalink)

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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

Actually I hadn’t started to collect any new kit when I wrote that post so I had envisioned creating 2 sets of kit; one with lots of damage and little hit+ for everything other than 10man boss fights, and a second set of kit that reached hit cap at the expense of damage (but if you cant hit something you cant do damage to it).

As it turns out I do have 2 sets of kit, one for 5man stuff (low hit) and one for 10man stuff (hit cap) but my damage stat stays the same, about 2K, on both sets. Oddly its just my haste rating that takes a knock: low hit and 500 haste v’s hit cap and 250 haste (approx).

I was surprised at how much +hit kit (quest and heroics) there is out there and how quickly and easily I was able to reach hit cap without gimping myself too much. But it was good to have it confirmed that I didn’t need hit cap on stuff outside of 10man.

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Old December 09, 2008, 02:08 AM   #35 (permalink)

Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

Just thought I'd show how easy it has been for me to nearly reach the hit cap (443 as I write this) without a whole lot of effort. Armory
I don't know why the armory isn't showing me with fel armor and demonic knowledge but with those buffs I'm over 1900 spell power while just about hit capped. And as you can see most of my gear is blue or green.
I just left my guild last week since I can no longer make their raid time, so all of this gear comes from quest rewards, crafting, badges or 5 mans. A couple of my gems have +hit, and I do have Icewalker on my boots and the Sha'tar arcanum on my head, but that only makes up a small portion of my hit.

Now obviously with this kind of gear while I may still have a decent amount of spell power (as long as I have DK) I have sacrificed a lot of haste and crit, not to mention health and mana. So there's quite a bit of a trade off. After testing this on actual raid bosses I may find that I'm better off in the gear I use for 5 mans, which has a lot less hit but more haste, crit, etc. Besides I'll likely only need around 341 hit in a raid since I'd like have a Draenei and spriest or moonkin. Still, it's nice to know that it's possible to be hit capped already.
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Old December 10, 2008, 12:28 PM   #36 (permalink)

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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

1 thing is missing from the guide though, or i missed it. shadow priest misery/improved fairie fire from boomkin give 3% hit. if you trust them to be alive and deal damage you can be as low as 265 hit and have 100% to hit

ill round 1% chance to hit to 26. this way we will end up with a little bit more hit than we need, but it will make it easier to understand.

447 untalented
369 talented (3%= 78 hit)
343 talented with draenei in group (1%= 26 hit)
265 talented , with draenei in group AND misery/imp fairie fire on the boss (3%=78 hit)

thats the theorycrafting. going to check it.

*misery doesnt stack with imp faire fire. they are both same type of debuff on the target.
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Old December 11, 2008, 05:26 PM   #37 (permalink)

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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

I currently run with a SP for Misery and heroic Presence when I add that in to my 3% to hit that means I only need 10% to hit, I am actualy finding it hard to get the best assortment of gear with out getting over 10% hit.
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Old December 12, 2008, 10:02 PM   #38 (permalink)

What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

I took some time to figure out a good hit rating goal for level 80 raiding for casters. I used the armory looking at level 80 players hit rating values and the percentages associated to them to extrapolate a value for hit rating to % chance to hit:

312= 11.89% … 11.89%/312 = 0.038108
139= 5.30% … 5.3%/139 = 0.038129
291=11.09% … 11.09%/291 =0.038109
235=8.96% … 8.96%/235 =0.038127
275=10.48% … 10.48%/275 =0.038109
327=12.47% … 12.47%/327 =0.038134

Total 1 hit rating value (0.228716) and divided by 6 for the average = 0.0381193333 to ∞

Therefore the table ends up looking like:

% to hit @80 = Hit Rating:

0.038119% chance to hit @ 80 = 1 Hit rating
1% chance to hit @ 80 = 26.23363 Hit Rating
17% chance to hit @ 80 = 445.97182 Hit Rating

3% debuff from: Misery (Shadow Priest)
3% debuff from: Imp Faery Fire (Balance Druid)
3% from talents when spec'd correctly (for most classes).

11% from gear is needed assuming raid debuffs on mob and 3% from talents:

• Total Hit rating needed for 100% chance to hit in raid w/ talents is: 288.570 Hit Rating (262.336 Hit Rating for 99% chance to hit)

• Total Hit rating needed for 100% chance to hit in raid omitting either talents or debuffs (i.e 3%) is: 367.270 Hit Rating (341.036 Hit Rating for 99% chance to hit)

Now warlocks have a unique problem unlike almost all other classes in that we have to dump 6 points, appose to 3 to get 3% for ALL our spells (Suppression 3 points aff, Cataclysm 3 points destro). What is the best option?

For Affliction it depends on gear level. Since most start gear at level 80 doesnt have everything we need regarding hit rating and you need 367 Hit w/ out talents (assuming raid debuffs of 3%) we're forced to get the talents we need since we need both talents to be "capped." Myself i am Affliction and i would ultimately like to spec into ruin in the destro tree, but since ruin needs ~ 20% to 25% crit to become viable and i simply wont have the hit or crit to pull it off i wont spec into ruin as aff initially. As gear gets better and i can get closer to the 367 Hit untalented i need; then i can spec into ruin.

For Demonology and Destruction it also depends on Gear level but not so the same extent. Since Demo pact doesnt stack w/ Totem of Wrath, from what ive seen (until the warlock can have 2800 SP), then you can drop points in ruin and Cataclysm and since the vast majority of your damage comes from desto spells you dont need to be hit capped for aff spells. Therefore you can swap in more crit for hit and still get a good build with out compromising your damage.

Conclusion. At beginning lvls of gear the best spec is still affliction due to the fact you can ignore crit for the most part and focus on hit which should be your primary focus, at first, when gearing for raiding. The gear that is available at level 80 (for now) from what im seeing just cant accommodate a good amount of hit, crit and haste for destro to truly shine (inc. wall of text wars). Demo gives you more wiggle room here since you get so much crit from talents and its not needed as much as destro. Although affliction is probably the best spec at beginning gear lvls and still out damages the other 2 spec's when parsed w/ comparable gear its still the most difficult to play.

As a final note i'd just like to comment on the fact that although blizzard gave destro a hit talent which is nice they didnt give warlocks a "real" hit talent; meaning we have to use twice as many talent points to get the same effect as other casters.
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Old December 19, 2008, 08:31 PM   #39 (permalink)

Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

For those interested:

We didn't put as much hit on gear as we did in Burning Crusade as it was frustrating for players who were already at cap to see tons of gear with more hit on it. There is plenty of hit gear, however. You'll need to do some research on where it drops, and if you're not at hit cap when you enter a raid (with precision you'll need 14% against raid bosses), use food and elixirs to compensate.

Source: Eyonix in Where Is all the hit gear?
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Old December 20, 2008, 01:52 AM   #40 (permalink)

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Re: What's the Hit cap Mr. Wolf?

Am I the only person overflowing with hit? I just took 2 points out of Suppression cause I had no where to get rid of hit.
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