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Re: Blizzard's New MMO

Originally Posted by Sheeba View Post
you mean Hello Kitty Island Adventure? LOL!
I sense some sarcasm... Seriously though, there is more to gaming than just real-time combat. Consider the original warcraft games: time spent building, crafting and strategising outweigh/equal the amount of time spent in actual combat.

With the exception of professions in WoW, almost every second of "productive" time involves either killing NPC's or players. Nothing wrong with that, it is called World of Warcraft after all, but if there is a MMO that is an alternative - rather than a replacement - then there could be less focus on combat.
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Re: Blizzard's New MMO

Aion is less focused on combat in a sense that any attempt to level even a single profession will drown you in the HUGE time and money sink that it is.... Seriously, I played AION for a few months before I got tired of having to grind mobs to level (like the southpark episode, for reals), and I spent 2 hours sitting at a loom once only to level up tailoring skill 3 times.
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Re: Blizzard's New MMO

Originally Posted by Ikabod View Post
i know everyone is excited for Cataclysm, but honestly i think i am MORE excited about Blizzard's new MMORPG they are working on. they say it is going to “create a game experience unlike anything done before

i find this incredibly interesting as i love MMORPG's and seeing as how it is supposed to something never done before, i am highly interesting in seeing what they come up with.

SO!!! what do you guys want this to be like? if you've heard anything on what it's supposed to be include that too, but what do you WANT this to be?

i think a post apocalyptic theme would be awesome! after a mass world destruction, you the survivor chooses your role to play in the world that is now destroyed.

of course this is a popular theme for movies and stuff but i think if blizzard took this in the right direction it could be epic!
The genre of the game is quite vague at the moment, most evidence indicate that it will be Science Fiction but when Kaplan was asked whether it would be science fiction, post-apocalyptic, or historical, he laughingly responded: "all of those combined!" :P

However, Kotick has said in the past that they go after broader audience which could result in a pretty casual game, hopefully it will have several hardcore elements as well.

Source: Blizzard's MMO wiki
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