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Re: Save or spend badges with Cata coming?

Originally Posted by Spellman View Post
Ahh changing ratio from 2.75 to 11.58 changes things alot. Now I'd say it's worth to save those 346 badges(preferrably triumph), but not any more than that amount. So 75 JP = one lvl85 hc boss = 6.5 EoF(which is worth less than 100g atm).

But they may change some ratios again, so all this just speculation.
Yeah, I am surprised that they give the same value to frost and triumph badges. If i had to guess, I think that may change again. It does seem like under the current 11.58 conversion, stockpiling a few triumphs isnt the worst idea since they are so easy to get.
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Re: Save or spend badges with Cata coming?

Just grind enough to get 4000 justice points (which isn't much with the new conversion rates... something around ~375 badges) so that you'll have some points to spend once Cata comes out on shiny new gear. No point grinding more than that since those badges will just become gold by Cata (unless of course, you need gold...)

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