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Re: List Of Warlock Problems

I still would like to see Demo as a tanking spec. it looked like blizzard was playing around with the idea for a little while there (600% armor Charge Taunt) but, then it just fizzled out. Also something i noticed while messing around the other day in demo (main spec destro) on the felguard some of his spells "Require two handed axes" I'm just wondering is this a bug or is blizzard thinking of letting us customize the felguards weapons. This would make sense since the spells are also based on Weapons damage (Attack does weapons damage plus X amount).

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Re: List Of Warlock Problems

Searing Pain in my eyes has only ever had two legitimate uses:

1) Tanking Leo in SSC - which was amazing fun (not as much fun as duelling fire mages after...).
2) Annoying my housemate tank in heroics.

2) being my personal favourite.
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