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Spells, Talents, Pets and DPS Discussion DoT's and Curses and Nukes, oh my! Discussion threads on everything relating to the Warlocks Spells, Talents, Pets and DPS.

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Re: felhunter

Whether you petattack first or start with shadowbite, it'll trigger your pet to attack untill you call it back, same with the cleave on Fellguard, it'll only stop attacking if you say so. Good to remember as well is that spell lock/devour magic will not trigger petattack, just like sacrifice/gather shadows (whatever its called).
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Recommended Guide

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Re: felhunter

Cool thank you!
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Re: felhunter

I would advise you to read this blog post (very destro focused but you can tailor to affl as well, it affects all pets in game)
Faster, Imp! Kill! Kill! Cynwise's Battlefield Manual

there is a client\server lag issue that causes a small delay between your demons nuke abilities coming off CD and being used.

the understanding is that if you macro your summoned demons main nuke to all of your abilities you are doing all that you can to reduce this over the course of the battle.

IMO the macro in this format is by far the best (set it up for all your spells and place in the normal positions on your toolbars)

/cast Immolate
/cast [@pettarget]Firebolt

because you wont always want your demon to be attacking the same target as you.

Please also note that this only really relates to your demons DPS abilities, things like seduction, spell lock, intercept, sacrifice are all pretty situational in their use.

Personally for these abilities I ensure that they are all in the same postion on my pet bar and keybind a key to it. turn off the autocast and this allows you to use your demons utility abilities on demand with a single keypress regardless of which demon you have in use .

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Re: felhunter

Originally Posted by DotLock View Post
Cool thank you!
I think you'll enjoy this,

Warlock Macros - Arena Junkies

Improved my Arena and BG performance dramatically.
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