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Flying Mount

Level 70 Mount


One of the most exciting new features of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will be the introduction of a new kind of mount that will provide players with unprecedented freedom to explore the world of Outland from an entirely new perspective. After reaching level 70, players will eventually be able to obtain a flying mount for their characters. Outland is home to incredibly varied and exotic fauna, and the sentient inhabitants of this world have trained several unique creatures as flying mounts.


Flying mounts will be available in both normal and epic varieties. Without discounts, the normal version will cost 800g for training and 100g for the mount. The epic version will cost 5000g for training and 200g for the mount. You will need 225 and 300 Riding skill for the Rare and Epic mount respectively. Both Horde and Alliance will have their own special type of mount, but there are also mounts that will be extremely rare even among the most powerful characters. At this time however, it appears as if Warlocks will not be granted a special mount of their own...


Flying mounts will be obtained through a quest chain with some cost involved. For the basic flying mount, a raid group will not be required. We're hoping to have some variety in our flying-mount models so players can distinguish themselves. GameSpot

Different Mounts

  • Alliance: [Gryphon] and [Armored Gryphon]
  • Horde: [Wyvern] and [Armored Wyvern]
  • Neutral: [Nether Drake]. Extremely rare mount, akin to the Deathcharger or Zulian Tiger.






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